Tour the Rutgers’ Preclinical Imaging Cores Throughout the Month of April 2024

The Rutgers University Molecular Imaging Core (RUMIC) and the Advanced Preclinical Imaging Lab (APIL) are offering tours throughout the months of March & April 2024. 

Each tour consists of a brief presentation, providing an overview of the use and capabilities of the Cores, followed by a short demo for each imaging system. Examples of image processing and data analysis will be presented and the application of imaging technology to research will be discussed.  

Located within the vivarium at the base of the Research Tower on Busch Campus, the RUMIC provides researchers from Rutgers University and the surrounding academic community, as well as scientists from local biotech, pharmaceutical and consumer products industries with non-invasive approaches to study various biological and disease models in small animals, biological specimens, ex vivo tissues, biomaterials, or physical objects. 

Investigators from the Newark Campus can attend the presentations remotely and then arrange tours and demos of imaging equipment maintained at the Advanced Preclinical Imaging Lab (APIL), located within the MSB vivarium. 

Rutgers Molecular Imaging Core, 675 Hoes Lane West, Piscataway 

Aspect 1T M5 MRI 

Bruker Albira Pet-CT 

Perkin Elmer IVIS Lumina X5 Optical Imaging (New) 

VisualSonics 2100 Ultrasound 

Skyscan 1272 Nano-CT 

Advanced Preclinical Imaging Lab (APIL), 185 South Orange Ave, Newark 

MiLabs Pet-Spect-CT (New) 

Bruker 1T ICON MRI 

VisualSonics 3100 Ultrasound 

Perkin Elmer IVIS Spectrum 2 Optical Imaging (Coming Soon) 

Skyscan 1172 Micro-CT  

International Center for Public Health (ICPH), 225 Warren St, Newark 
Molecubes CT
(New-Tours Not Available) 

Any student, post-doc, individual researcher, or research group interested in the event can contact Derek Adler at: to arrange a date and time. For scheduling APIL tours, imaging sessions and training, or to discuss / arrange independent or collaborative projects contact Sushil Tripathi (APIL Manager) at Visit us at to explore how the RUMIC can support your research efforts.