The Research Community Partnership (RCP), overseen by the Rutgers Addiction Research Center, is a central enrollment hub for community members to participate in Rutgers research projects, and for researchers to recruit for their studies.

  • Who can sign up? Anyone who wants to be a part of research can enroll in the RCP!
  • How do individuals sign up? Enroll online at ​
  • What does it mean to sign up? By signing up for the RCP, individuals agree to be contacted by approved researchers to participate in projects. Participants can choose to accept or decline any project to which they are invited.
  • What is needed to sign up? Just contact information. After providing those details, participants then have the option of sharing health records and completing brief surveys to increase their chances of being selected for potential research studies.
  • Is there any benefit to signing up? RCP participants will receive regular newsletters with discoveries, news, and events about addiction, and be closely connected to the RARC community.
  • I’m a researcher who wants to recruit participants from the RCP; what do I do? Once the RCP has enrolled sufficient participants, we will open the resource up to researchers. For information about using this resource, contact RARC Program Manager, Emily Balcke at

We are currently piloting the partnership with clients at University Behavioral Health Care (UBHC), with plans to expand open enrollment in the RCP to other Rutgers clinical services and community treatment centers in the future.

The goal of this initiative is to create more connections between Rutgers researchers, clinical providers, and our community. Learn more, or sign up now, at