Tackling Addiction
Through Science

Rutgers is a leading institution for addiction science, with award-winning researchers, training programs, and clinical services. The Rutgers Addiction Research Center is the multidisciplinary home for addiction-related activities at Rutgers, bringing together researchers, clinicians, and community members who are dedicated to tackling addiction.

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With over 150 faculty, and more than $20 million in funding from NIH, SAMHSA, the state of New Jersey, and private foundations, Rutgers researchers are working across the translational spectrum to help individuals, families, and communities struggling with addiction. Through our clinical and basic research, we examine the biological underpinnings of substance use disorders through neuroscience and genetics, and study the social, contextual, and policy factors that contribute to the development, prevention, early intervention, treatment, and recovery from substance use problems.

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Through our coursework, training programs and research opportunities for undergraduate, graduate, and medical students, and our continuing education programs for professionals, Rutgers is leading the way in training and diversifying the next generation of addiction researchers, clinicians, and practitioners. We also provide education and training for the community, including addiction awareness and overdose prevention training.

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Clinical Services

If you or someone you know is struggling, Rutgers is here to help. Through a variety of programs and collaborations across the state, Rutgers provides many options for treatment and recovery support. We also help researchers connect with clinical programs to create bench to bedside collaborations. When you find help through Rutgers, you are linked to a network of providers who are connected to our world-class research, providing access to cutting edge and evidence-based services.